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Fair and Square Blog #2

0 Comments Date: 12 Nov 2019 Blog: Admin Manager

As an online competition company, we take fairness and transparency very seriously.

In our competitions, to obtain a ticket, you must answer our question provided correctly. Our tech
team has designed our website where once the competition is started, our ability to make any
changes on the question and answers provided are disabled until the competition is fully closed.

You may see other competitions revealing the winner, for example, by picking a name on a piece of
paper out from a bowl. How can you know that the other pieces of paper don’t have the same name
written on all of them?

With Car Raffles Ireland, our tech team has designed an instant random generator in our website so
when the second our competition is fully closed, our website will instantly pick one winner out of
those who answered the question correctly. We as administrators have no control or influence even
in the slightest over this.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to ask away. We want you to be sure
that we run our competitions fair & square.

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