How we operate

How we operate

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How do we operate?

  • Car Raffles Ireland is an online skill based competitions website where we advertise cars, bikes & other motor related goods on our platform on behalf of customers who might not be having any luck selling on other platforms on social media or other marketplaces.
  • We are a fully registered irish company that provides skill based competitions.
  • An agreement is made between us and the owner of the motor related goods where they are not allowed sell their goods while the compeition is running.
  • We sell tickets to cover the cost of the customers motor related goods.
  • Once all tickets are sold, we award the seller the agreed price of the motor related goods and help arrange delivery/collection of the motor related goods to the winner.
  • If all tickets do not sell before the timer hits zero, a cash alternative prize is awarded to the winner relative to the number of tickets sold up to that point.
  • Our fully automated system discards any incorrect answers and randomly selects a name from the pool of entrants with the correct response.
  • The system issues emails to all entrants notifying them if they have won the competition or not unfortunately.
  • This is a closed box system that selects from the list of names.
  • Your name is entered in correspondance with the amount of tickets you purchased, so the more times your name is in the box, the greater your chances of winning!
  • Those who participate in the competitions will automatically receive an email of their order confirming their order, details and number of tickets bought.
  • Since the way we choose the winner is fair, legitimate and can be proven to notified bodies, we notify participants the result of the competition through email instead of doing live draws. Announcements of the competitions and winners may also be posted on our social media platforms.
  • We display photos of our winners on our winners page.

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